Monday, November 29, 2021


Google has inexplicably altered the procedures for editing and updating posts and pages such that I am unable to do so without learning some kind of secret code, so I am regretfully abandoning this blog. If I get another one started on another platform, I'll post the link here.

Thursday, July 9, 2020


Torrid Literary Journal
NoD - January, 2021


the Jim not taken (Umbrella Factory; August, 2020; pp. 21-22)

on the envelope (Anti-Heroin Chic; August, 2020)

hoarder (Synchronized Chaos; August, 2020)
vagrant (Synchronized Chaos; August, 2020) (Sundress 'Best of the Net' nominated)
last night's storm (Synchronized Chaos; August, 2020)
honour (Synchronized Chaos; August, 2020)
unemployed (Synchronized Chaos; August, 2020)

disclaimer (Beatnik Cowboy; 2020)

gifts from strangers (Fly on the Wall Press; 2020) - print only

to a teacher in Kangwon Province (Bethlehem Writers Roundtable; 2020)

grade 9 boys (The Blotter; 2020), p. 20
proverb (The Blotter; 2020), p. 21

Chinatown (Isacoustic; 2020)

my idol (Calgary Poetry Magazine; 2018)
close call (Calgary Poetry Magazine; 2018)

the Great Wall (Prairie Journal; 2016) - print only (Pushcart nominated)
in a Chinese home (Prairie Journal; 2016) - print only

back north (Prairie Journal; 2015) - print only
snakeskin boots (Prairie Journal; 2015) - print only

bottle-picker (Prairie Journal; 2014) - print only
flight (Prairie Journal; 2014) - print only

On 'Wang Wei's Reply to Chang Yin' (Mosaic 2.0; 2013)
to a physical anthropologist (Mosaic 2.0; 2013)
a touch closer (Mosaic 2.0; 2013)
to a cricket (Mosaic 2.0; 2013)
the new song of old Littlejohn (Mosaic 2.0; 2013)

after the wedding dance (The Antigonish Review; 2011) - print only
classic cool (The Antigonish Review; 2011) - print only

smash the window (Fiddlehead; spring, 2005) - print only
gate 34 (Fiddlehead; spring, 2005) - print only

smash the window (Writing the Terrain; 2005)  - print only

outside the men's hostel (Prairie Fire; winter, 2002)  - print only
damn lucky (Prairie Fire; winter, 2002)  - print only

Louisa (Penumbra Press; 1996)
Icemen/Stoneghosts (collection, trade book; Penumbra Press; 1996) - print only

Muskeg Moon (chapbook, Whirlpool Press; 1995)  - print only

Breaking Even (chapbook, Whirlpool Press; 1994)  - print only

all that matters (Prairie Journal) - print only

Icemen/Stoneghosts (chapbook; Greensleeve Editions; 1993)  - print only

first blood (Madame Bull's Tavern) - print only

Chinatown (Loggerheads) - print only
apples (Loggerheads) - print only

the last Gael (Fait Accompli) - print only

in Indian country (Stroll of Poets Anthology) - print only
crows (Stroll of Poets Anthology) - print only
floating question (Stroll of Poets Anthology) - print only
death before dishonour (Stroll of Poets Anthology) - print only
motherhood (Stroll of Poets Anthology) - print only
the meat house (Stroll of Poets Anthology) - print only
my child had a dream (Stroll of Poets Anthology) - print only

Earlier published work goes back through university, high school, all the way to elementary school - but we'll get to that some other day.  If you held on to your copies of 'The Beaton Path', you can find some there .....

Pseudonymous publications are not listed - but they're around.